What are the key factors behind dating older women at US

Dating, to give its older name courtship has become one of the inseparable part in the life of youngers. From being a traditional social event that ended up in engagement or marriage in several cultures and countries across centuries, it is now a mere social activity that lasts right from days, weeks and months. After crushing the barriers of gender differences, it also crumpled another critical obstacle, age. Dating an older person is no longer looked upon as something offensive. Both young men and women are open to date a person much higher than their age.

Cougar women can be a good partner for dating

Dating is also something that takes you through a phase of emotional maturity and it becomes better with middle aged women, nicknamed cougars. Women elder than the guy they are dating can offer a more refines dating experience than a similar adrenaline filled young lady. Though this does not indicate that young women are not enthusiastic dating partners, dating can be much more with an older women .

Why do men prefer cougar women?

Many men prefer their dating partner not to be clingy and dependent on them. This is one of the major reasons why men prefer dating an older woman. She is matured, she has a job to mind, she can understand subtle jokes, she is not surrounded by a herd of girls and can be approached. Cougar woman dates because they really want to and not just because of a desperate need to have a boyfriend to showcase in the college circles. Cougar women are easier to spend time with as they are more experienced and can give their partner a different perspective in life. They are willing to explore newer things and self confident.

What problems one might face while dating a cougar?

Many men face the common problem of public scrutiny while dating older woman and sometimes lose self confidence, lose friendships, etc. Another major area where men mostly lack is coping with the package of marital problems, children and divorce issues going in their partner’s life. Though the cougar women shows extreme self confidence and maturity, in some cases, the men who date them, develop a complex and feel comparatively immature and lost in life, which could cause serious damages in relationship. Yet, these can be easily overcome if men know what they really want in their partner and ready their selves for it.

Exciting and foolproof tips for olderwomendating

Don’t talk about age and make them feel conscious that they are older than you. Making cougar women makes the first move can make it last longer as the older women get confidence over the relationship. Keep promises as they can easily lose trust in you. If there are children involved, make a point to talk about them as soon as possible and also maintain a healthy relationship with your partner’s children. Some men quickly change to adapt to their cougar’s lifestyle. But a change too fast can lead to unreliability upon you. Also, don’t try to act to their age group. Cougar women date you because they want you as how you are and do not want you to showcase much older than you. Be your confident self for successful older women dating .


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